How is Sand Used in the Construction Industry?

How is Sand Used in the Construction Industry?

Contrary to popular belief, there are several different forms of sand on this earth.

Some are engineered for specific construction purposes, and others are completely natural.

Sand has been used for many different purposes since the beginning of time, and is especially useful to the construction industry for many reasons.

Sand uses in the construction industry

Sand can be used to create many different types of concrete and mortars, and is typically used in formwork, slate, granite, concrete, porcelain, plaster, and brick for buildings.

It can also be used to construct public works like tunnels, refurbish work in railway facilities, demolish masonry, and abrasively clean concrete.

In environments that are high risk for chemical spills, silica sand is used to create slip-proof flooring.

How silica sand affects concrete

Silica sand in particular has a unique effect on concrete and poses quite a few risks.

While it is a commonly used material, it’s not 100% safe, and can seriously affect the health of workers who handle it.

When working with silica sand in poorly ventilated or closed spaces, dust clouds can occur that are harmful to the people and machinery within close proximity.

That being said, this material should only be used by a professional who is wearing the proper PPE and taking the appropriate preventative measures. It is not to be used for a DIY project.

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