Cavapoo Puppies

Cavapoo Puppies For Sale In Ohio have a versatile energy level and adapt easily to different lifestyles. They can entertain indoors and are happy with short walks and interactive play.

This people-oriented breed thrives with regular, consistent training. A gentle response to misbehavior is best, as cavapoos dislike harsh voices and disharmony. Exercise is essential, especially during daily walks and entertaining games such as agility.

Dog: Red Cavapoo puppy standing photo WP46775

A cavapoo combines the pleasant, people-oriented temperament of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the intelligence and athleticism of the Poodle. This makes them adaptable and friendly dogs for a variety of household situations. They tend to bond closely with their human families and want to be included in every family activity. Their playful personalities can result in them getting into mischief, so they’re best suited for homes where children are well-supervised and can play gently with their dogs. This affectionate nature can lead them to become reliant on their humans and may cause them to develop separation anxiety if not properly trained early in life to accept being alone for short periods of time.

These puppies have soft, medium-length coats that take on the color and texture of their poodle parent. Their wavy curls require regular brushing to keep them looking neat and clean and free of matting. While a cavapoo’s tight, low-shed coat is considered hypoallergenic, it does not entirely eliminate pet dander from the environment and may still make some people prone to allergic reactions.

Because they are smaller dogs, cavapoos can live comfortably in a variety of living situations from apartments to large houses with yards. However, they need daily exercise to keep them from becoming bored and developing destructive behaviors like barking or chewing on furniture. Thirty minutes of energetic play per day is recommended, and these puppies respond well to structured training sessions with positive reinforcement.

Due to their sensitivity, cavapoos may not tolerate harsh training methods and should be introduced to new activities and environments slowly and carefully. They’re also prone to hip dysplasia, an orthopedic condition that can cause pain, reduced mobility, and even arthritis. Taking care to prevent excessive exercise and jumping as an adult can help reduce the risk of hip problems in this breed.

Because of their reactivity to loud noises, cavapoos may suffer from anxiety when left alone or in unfamiliar environments. They’re prone to chewing and barking out of fear, so their owners should provide plenty of designated toys, interactive puzzles, and other entertainment to keep them busy when they’re not with their humans.

Health issues

Cavapoos tend to be healthy, but like all dogs, they can occasionally get ill or injured. Petplan dog insurance can help you to manage the financial impact of any unexpected vet bills, giving you peace of mind that your furry friend is always protected.

Like their parents, cavapoos are prone to health problems associated with the eyes, ears and gastrointestinal tract. They also have a tendency to become overweight, so you should keep an eye on their diet and make sure they are eating enough to maintain a healthy weight.

Cataracts, which are foggy deposits in the lens of the eye, can occur and are often a sign that the eyesight is beginning to deteriorate. Surgical treatment is available to prevent the loss of vision, but it can be costly, with some estimates showing the cost to be as much as $1,500 per eye.

As a small breed, cavapoos are susceptible to joint issues such as hip and elbow dysplasia and luxating patellas. These conditions can lead to pain, lameness and a lack of mobility, but they are treatable with exercise and a joint supplement.

Like many other dogs, cavapoos are prone to common ear infections, which can affect the external ear flap, the middle/inner ear or the ear canal (otitis). These can be caused by irritation from an environment or by an allergy, and symptoms include itching, shaking of the head and scratching at the ears.

Ear infections can be very painful and cause significant discomfort, so it is important to keep an eye on them and seek treatment as soon as you notice any signs of irritation. Cavapoos are also prone to dental disease, so you should brush their teeth daily with dog-friendly toothpaste and ensure they have regular dental checkups to avoid complications.

Cavapoos are highly affectionate and love to be close to their humans, so they can become separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time. This can be alleviated by socialisation with people and other pets, and training your dog to perform fun tricks that involve being around you (such as weaving through legs or jumping through hoops). Regular walks are also beneficial for the physical and mental wellbeing of the breed.


Cavapoos are intelligent and people-pleasing, so they respond well to positive reinforcement training. They also have a lot of energy, so they need daily exercise. They prefer to be active with their humans and will enjoy activities such as agility, flyball, or trick training, but they also like to snuggle on the couch.

Cavapoo puppies typically eat around the same time each day, so it’s easy to set up a consistent feeding routine. This will help them develop a predictable mealtime schedule and make potty training much easier. Puppies will need to go outside to relieve themselves after every meal, as well as upon waking up, before going to sleep at night, and immediately after playing. During potty breaks, praise and reward them for going to the bathroom in their designated outdoor area. Eventually, this will help them learn to associate the spot with the act of eliminating.

In addition to potty training, your Cavapoo will need basic obedience training. Start with the basics, such assit,and move on to more advanced commands once they have mastered them.

It’s important to socialize your pup as early as possible. This will help them feel more comfortable in new environments and around other people, pets, and objects. During this process, it’s a good idea to take them to places such as dog parks and pet stores.

When it comes to exercise, cavapoos are moderate-energy dogs and need daily walks. These daily walks will help them stay calm and healthy. They will also need a little bit of energetic playtime to burn off energy. Thirty minutes of this playtime per day is sufficient to keep them entertained and calm.

Like all dogs, cavapoos can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for long periods of time. This can lead to undesirable behaviors such as chewing or barking. To prevent separation anxiety, train your puppy to play with a KONG(R) or lick mat when you are gone and give them plenty of mentally stimulating toys that will keep them engaged. You can also try increasing the amount of time you leave them on a leash or using a crate.


Cavapoos have a gentle nature and are adaptable to many situations. They learn quickly and are easy to train, making them ideal for first-time dog owners. They’re people-oriented and tend to respond well to positive reinforcement rather than harsh voices and training methods. This is also true of their interactions with children. Their small size may make them more prone to injury when children get rough with them, so it’s best to supervise play to ensure your puppy’s safety.

This adorable breed typically sheds very little, which makes them an excellent choice for pet owners who have allergies to dog dander. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t need routine grooming. Regular brushing will keep their coat free of tangles and matting, which can be painful for dogs. It’s also important to clean their ears regularly as these are susceptible to infection and debris buildup.

These intelligent puppies are quick to grasp new tasks, so they make excellent candidates for obedience training. They also love retrieving and chasing balls or frisbees, which can help them expend their physical energy and mental engagement. As with all puppies, they’re prone to chewing and digging and can develop problem behaviors such as separation anxiety or barking excessively if not given proper stimulation.

Cavapoos need a high-quality, nutrient-dense diet formulated for puppies that supports their rapid growth and development. Your vet will be able to recommend the right food for your dog.

In addition to a nutritious diet, your puppy will need plenty of water and shade in hot weather. These adorable dogs can become dehydrated easily, so always have fresh water available for them and give them a break from outdoor activities when it’s too hot.

This energetic breed requires moderate exercise to stay happy and healthy, but their smaller size makes them better suited for urban lifestyles. A couple of daily walks and some playtime in the yard or with toys should meet their needs.